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Warner bros Movie World

It is one of the finest theme parks we’ve ever been. Doesn’t matter if you like the movie characters, you will enjoy the rides. Four major classification of rides and we almost tired majority of them.

Cost- There are many combinations of passes available online, so many deals & offers available, do check them regularly. We got the 3 days’ pass @ AUD 139 as we were planning for movie world & wet n wild. One-day pass @89AUD, but you won’t be able to see it all

Download the map and get yourselves familiar with the rides, parade timings and activities of your interest. This will save you time. It is impossible to see all in one day. Plan ahead

How to get there?

We drove from surfers’ paradise.  You can also reach by public transport. From Gold coast. Catch a tram, bus or train to Helensvale station and transfer to bus route TX7.

Gold Coast to Movie World-Public Transportation

Important Tips

Check for the weather forecast, be prepared for a warm weather. There will be occasional showers. Water bottle, coolers, cap/hat you may need them at all times.

If possible, pack a sandwich/burger or lunch if you can. Not only its expensive inside, you also need to wait I long queue’s till the food is delivered.

Also opt for the photo/video package, it is not on the higher side, it covers all you photo & videos in majority of the rides. All you need to do is scan your wrist band. It will cost 40 AUD

Some of the rides were under maintenance and renovation, so it is wise to check their social media page/website for park updates. So you can plan accordingly.

We were not into shopping, so didn’t have a detailed look inside the shops, but the souvenirs were all affordable. We just tried a temporary tattoo in the kid’s section

Movie world map

To Download

full Map

The rides which we loved the most & quick tips

Hyper coaster-Movie World, Gold Coast

The first thing you notice when you park your car or enter the theme park is the DC rivals hyper coaster. It is the longest, fastest and highest coaster in Australia, reaching speeds of up to 115km/h as it speeds along the 1.4km track. Leave your fears or ride with your fears, doesn’t matter. Have to try this at least once.

If you are an extreme thrill seeker, you can pay 15$ extra and grab the last seat. This seat faces the opposite direction, meaning you will ride backwards. Honestly that was a bit too much for us.

superman escape-Movie World, Gold Coast

Scooby doo spooky coaster

This is an indoor ride with medium level thrill. It was an interesting one because you will be in the dark when the twists, turns ups and downs happen making it a surprise element

Movie World, Gold Coast

All Star Parade

No one wants to miss this one. Obviously everyone will gear up for this event, witnessing all the stars, characters and artists in a single place. It was so much fun. Just plan your rides accordingly.

Movie World, Gold Coast

Photos with your Stars/Characters:

It was so much fun to take pictures with your stars & characters. It was something we wanted to. You can always skip it if you don’t want to.

Movie World, Gold Coast
Movie World, Gold Coast
Movie World, Gold Coast
Movie World, Gold Coast

Max thrill categories:

Green lantern Coaster, Superman escape & Batwing space shot is so thrilling to watch, but was very much enjoyable. We missed the remaining rides due to lack of time.

What we could have did to make things better

Certainly a bit more planning. Categorizing the rides/activities into Must do, Optional and leave it is what we should have done before hand

Hollywood Stunt Driver Show. Yes, this is another most watched show. But from a personal perspective, we didn’t enjoy it. It was more of drifting, hard brakes and tyre’s screeching. We might have taken the Asylum Coaster & Doomsday destroyer

Also we tried to see what’s; there in the Kids section. Honestly we lost quite some time over there. It’s really good for the younger kids though. May be when Ryan grows up!!

We certainly lost more than an hour in lunch and waiting for the Parade. You don’t need to book your front row space in. That’s a blunder we did

Conclusion & Our Recommendation

Certainly a worthy experience overall. We felt safe at all times, friendly staff and good people around. Yes, we will go again with Ryan. It will be a well-planned one.

Our Recommendation: Optional

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