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Széchenyi Baths

Tips to Visit Széchenyi Baths

Image by Victor Malyushev

What to do in Széchenyi?

The first thing on the to do activity in Budapest is to try the Thermal baths. There are plenty around and Budapest sits on the underground thermal springs which is the main reason for so many in the city. We didn’t try researching about the other baths in the city, we were so impressed with the size and beauty of Széchenyi and decided to go for it.

Just wanted to give you guys an overview of our experience, do’s & don’t’ s, cost and other simple tips

There are 15 indoor thermal pools and 3 big sized outdoor pools to spend the day. Winter would be the awesome time to be inside where the temperature would be around 40 degrees inside and 3 degrees outside. Summer is also a nice time to sweat it out. There are bars & restaurants inside, so that you can spend some time relaxing. It is like pool hopping and our favorite is the whirlpool, it was so fun


Meet Manny, Deeps & Ryan

We’re Manny (Manoj Kumar Mahendran for long) and Deeps (Deepthi Thilagar), a married couple and parents from Tamil Nadu, India who now live in Melbourne, Australia

In 2019, we welcomed our son, Ryan, to the world. The joy he brings to our lives is hard to put into words

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Tickets, Booking and Timings?

We booked tickets online, but you can purchase it in the entrance as well. There are different combs of tickets, we bought the entry plus locker. It was around 20 Euros. We had our own bath towel & kits, so didn’t purchase anything extra. But you can always buy towels & kits. We didn’t try the pool party, we got stuck in the middle of the week, tickets around 50 Euros. If you ask if it is worth, we don’t have an answer, but definitely as experience.


What we missed


Thermal baths @ Winter


Pool Parties @ Széchenyi

Things to note:

This is the biggest bath in Budapest, so expect huge crowds to come in. We’ve seen people disappointed with the number of people and there is no chance to take a photo with an empty background. Still it was enjoyable with people moving around into various pools


Upon entry you’ll be given a tag which can be used to open/close your locker, buy drink & snacks, beers / wines / cocktails. The prices of the foods at Szechenyi Baths Cafe are quite affordable, but don’t expect fine dining at the baths. It’s more like self-service. Upon check out, the tag will show the amount to be paid. You don’t have to wander with your wallet.


For winter visits we recommend having a bathrobe & slippers. It will be freezing outside and you need some protection until you get inside the pool

You can also walk in and buy towels, bath robe, swim suit. But do you want to do that? First is the payment, second is that you have to stand in a long queue. Just get your own stuffs, hassle free. Apart from this have you flip-flops, coolers & hat (sun bathing) at all times in summer, it gets really hot outside.

Cabins Vs lockers. The difference is that you can get a small room to keep your belongings and more private space to change. We were tow, so we went for the cabin, but it’s not expensive.

Conclusion & Our Recommendation

We are not so particular about the healing effects of the water or didn’t care too much about the previous reviews/posts we read before going to Széchenyi. Our suggestion is to go and experience it once, it is an altogether different experience. If you had visited the blue lagoon in Iceland, it will be a similar, but you visit different pools @ different temperatures

Go for it!

Do you have any questions or comments about visiting the Thermal Baths in Budapest? Please Drop us a message 

Our Recommendation: Go for it!

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