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Image by Ahmad Qaisieh
Petra Travel Guide

Tips to Visit Petra


The Lost city of Petra, One of the new Seven wonders of the world!

Lack of time meant we settled for a day trip from Amman. If you could stay for one night in Petra, you could do lot more activities than a day trip

How did we get there?

We hired a taxi and the total trip took us 3 hours one way.  We started early and reached Petra by 10 in the morning. We left around 4 in the evening. We were 4 people sharing the ride, so it was economical. But if you are travelling alone, better to rent a car, much cheaper. We didn’t prefer the local bus, as we didn’t want to lose the day in travelling, but way way cheaper

Entry tickets & Transfer cost?

Entry tickets were 50JD for one-day entry, two-day entry is 55JD (if you stay for the night). Different charges applicable if enter & exit. There are also maps and guidebooks you can buy and tour guides are available for JD 50-100.

Some more conditions to get the tickets @ 50JD.

if you’re on a day trip and not staying in the country overnight then the price is JD90. You also pay JD90 if you visit Petra on the day you arrive in the country, but if you go back the next day you can get a JD40 refund.

Taxi costed us USD 220 return journey, as we mentioned before 4 of us shared.

Image by Anton Lecock

3 days in Jordan!What to Do?

Jordan is a tiny middle-eastern country bordering Israel, Syria & Saudi Arabia. Not many people from India travel to Jordan, but it has got two amazing wonders One is the Dead sea (natural wonder) & the other is the Lost city of Petra (world wonder).


The Jordan Pass is the ultimate sightseeing package that gives pass holders hassle-free prepaid entry to over 40 attractions in Jordan including Petra. It also waives off tourist entry visa fees if you purchase the Jordan Pass before arrival to Jordan and stay a minimum of three nights (4 days).



It is an open site and you will be doing all the walking. So better to get dressed up in comfy tees & shorts with good walking shoes. We saw people with trekking gears. Our recommendation is that don’t forget your Coolers, hats and sunscreen. No Jeans & pants if you are touring in Summer please(our biggest mistake), gets hotter as the day progresses.


Visitors centre open at 6 in the morning, so we recommend to get it as early as possible. One the morning sun light is not harsh, you’ll be active and walking around the site is much easier. Obviously not many people around. Once the day tour operators kick in, more people around the main areas. But moving inside it will be scattered.


This is the overall view of Petra and the major sites. We were able to cover all of it in 6 hours, but we had to walk, walk and walk


We did a lot of walking between the sites. Just check for the camels, carriages & donkey rides if you need assistance. But will cost you a lot. Best is to ask prices upfront and fix it. We never asked one, but did see the senior citizens asking for assistance.

Taking pictures with the animals are fine, but we didn’t feel good about riding them. Especially the donkeys. The looked weak and I think they were trying to make money with the animals.


We did see some restaurants & cafes inside the Petra site, but we brought our lunch packed. Had our own water bottles. We were not sure about the availability of food and the prices. So we didn’t take any chances.


Conclusion & Our Recommendation


We were amazed to see the height of the buildings and how it was carved out of the rocks. If you have been to Mahabalipuram (Tamil nadu, India) you'll know what  I mean. Happy to have seen a world wonder. My recommendation is not to do a day trip, instead try to stay for a night in Petra

Our Recommendation:

Go for it!

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