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Image by Robert Bye

Tips to Visit Dead Sea


What is Dead sea and Why it is so special?

Dead sea is actually the largest salt water lake and the lowest point in the world. Because of the high saline content, there are no animals present in the water and 

How to get there?

Not necessarily you have to spend the entire day in the dead sea. But you can combine couple of other places on the way and make it a day trip. We didn’t go on an organized tour, but hired a van with a driver. We were like 6 people, so it was a good deal. If you have rented a car, you'll love the drive.

The cost for a private taxi ride one way to the Dead Sea is around 20 Jordanian dinars. Public bus will cost 10 Dinars (one way), best option if you are backpacking


Why we started Cross the countries?

We started travelling together from 2015, but never had the idea of writing blogs or posting our pics in social media. 2020 is the year of Covid-19. Restricted to work from home and not many outdoor activities to do, we wanted to do something different than our usual routine. Blogging was one amongst them


Things to remember in dead sea

Most of the access to the dead sea was cut off from public roads, which means you have to enter a resort and then access the beach. You have to pay the resort an entry fee. There is a pool area which normally people use after spending some time in the dead sea. It’s a part of the resort


One you enter the dead sea; you can spend how much time you want. Because of its high salinity, it is better not to stay more than 30 minutes at a time. It will dehydrate you.


What we did is applying the black clay sand which is said to have medicinal effects. So basically its cools you off, then get into the water again.

Image by Drew Gilliam

Trick is to lie on your back and float as long as you need. Believe me, you can never sink. Better try to be near the shores. Swimming will make you tired, so better lie on your back and relax. We’ve seen people carrying a drink with them. You might have seen the pic of a man reading a newspaper in the dead sea, the most common one on the internet.

Spend some time in the pool and cool it off. There are showers, change rooms and lockers if you need. Not sure if we paid for the locker separately or it was part of the entry ticket. Bad memories


Conclusion & Our Recommendation

Dead Sea is one of the natural wonders and it has to be in your bucketlist travelling to Jordan/Middle east. It is shrinking at an alarming rate and will be soon gone. 

Do you have any questions or comments about visiting the Dead Sea in Jordan? Drop me a message 

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