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Queenstown amazes us in many ways. You can have a relaxed outing enjoying the views of the mountains & lake wakatipu and at the same time, get thrilled in some of the extreme adventure activities. Shot overjet is another must do when you visit Queenstown. Why because you don’t get to enjoy the high speed boats operated in a shallow river flowing in between a  canyon and with heart stopping 360 deg turns.


Place: Shotover river, Queenstown, New Zealand

Things to Know before you Go

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Cost: 150 NZD/person (Approx 7000 INR), video & photo are optional but we say buy it as a package. You cannot have your camera during the ride for safety reasons. Secondly, you don’t have to worry about the videos, instead enjoy the ride.


We went during winter and it had already snowed. So wear layers of clothing to keep you warm. Do wear a beanie or a tight fitting scarf. Caps will fly off, don’t wear one. You are going to get wet, the organizers will provide waterproof black colored coverall


Get good coolers which is tight enough. It helps you from the sun as well as prevent you from shedding tears because of the speed


Things to consider:


You don’t need any preparation upfront. Try to get there before your scheduled time, so that you are guaranteed a spot in the front. Booking guarantees you a spot but not your preferred seat


You can pay for the video/photo after the ride. In case if you are not satisfied, you can just leave them. You get a flash drive in the shape of jetboat with all photos & videos inside. It will be a good souvenir as well

How to get there?

You can drive and it takes 10 minutes to reach from city center. They don't have shuttle service like AJ Hackett Bungy, but will take 10 minutes to reach by taxi


Highlights of the Ride

Shot overjet is basically a high speed boat operating in shallow water of the Shot over river in Queenstown. What makes it special is that the ride is extremely thrilling and happens in the canyons of the river. Just imagine how could a high speed boat operate in a waters less than 10 cm deep and also in-between canyons ?? That's where the thrill is.

This is how it starts


One you get your waterproof coverall & Lifejackets,, the captain will give all the safety instructions, introduction about the ride, the boat, duration, what to expect and complete overview.


We then star the initial drift, ride slowly in the opposite direction and then turn back to go full throttle. Similar to a flight going slow till the runway and swiftly changing gears!

shot 1.jpg

The massive Shotover Jet boats can travel as fast as 85 kph in just 10 centimeters of water. The drive past the canyons and couldn’t imagine how close they get. You’ll have your heart beating as though you have beaten Usain bolt in a race. The ride is 25 minutes approx


Now comes the ultimate thrill, a 360 deg turn. The captain will do a swirling action indicating us to get ready for action. This will happen 4 to 5 times. You spin along the river, water splashing, you feel as though you are going to get off the boat into the river, god!!!!! It’s an amazing experience.


What we could have did to make things better

We were punctual, but that’s not good enough to get a front seat. Only place where we regret not being on the front.


What is the advantage of being in the front?? The camera which records live action is on the front near the captain. We sat at the back and half way into the ride, water was all over the camera, making our images blur.


We dint moisturize us well enough to keep us away from the cold wind. Our faces froze and felt the dryness in the skin half way through.

Conclusion & Our Recommendation

Do you like a Bonus? You would get another ride for just $19 NZD and its totally up to you, subject to availability. But would you take on the cold weather again?? We couldn’t. But if you are well prepared.


yes, It’s an awesome ride guys. Go for it

Our Recommendation: Worth a try

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