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Q1, Gold Coast

What is Q1?

Q1 is the tallest building in Queensland, Australia, @ 230 metres above the Surfers Paradise beach, giving viewers a 360 degree view of the city.  The SkyPoint Observation Deck is located on level 77 and 78 of the Q1 building. It is Australia's only beachside observation deck 

Tickets and Online Booking?

You can book online or buy at the entrance, there is no difference in prices though. We preferred the online tickets. It costs AUD 27/person. There are also three day ticket, annual pass, combi tickets. It’s better to choose which one we need. The prices are not that high. Annual pass is $45/person; it suits a localite than a tourist.

How to get there?

SkyPoint is situated on level 77 of the iconic Q1 Building, Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast. It is just a short walk from central Surfers Paradise and FREE undercover parking is available for visitors via Hamilton Avenue. Public parking is available nearby streets

Screenshot 2020-10-27 163029.png

Important Tips

The views are fantastic and you can see all of surfer’s paradise just below your feet. The viewing deck is entirely indoors covered by transparent glass windows.

We tried to take photos at all points 360 deg, but because of the sunlight, it was not that clear

High powered binoculars around the perimeter to take a look at some of the features and landmarks further out. Like any other high rise towers. It was good

Nice to have a coffee or a small snack on the viewing deck. Lot of chairs & seating arrangements. We spent around 2 hours in Skypoint

Skypoint climb is another level of adventure. It is an external climb to the top of Q1. We didn’t try it, but we did see a group climbing up. Its cost from $75 during the day.


Q1, Gold Coast


Skypoint Observation Deck, Q1

Image by City of Gold Coast

Surfers paradise, Gold Coast


Cafe @ Skypoint Observation Deck

Conclusion & Our Recommendation

It is a one time for tourists, we would say yes, you can give it a try. Its not mandatory though. Try going towards the end of the day, the views of the sun set will be fantastic

Our Recommendation: Optional

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