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The lively and engaging city of Amsterdam is one of the traditional tourist destinations in Europe. People continue to swarm to the Dutch capital in record numbers because it appeals to visitors regardless of their interests. It's an intriguing spot where you can get waffles, lovely canal scenery, cannabis-selling coffee shops, and the Red Light District.

Three days in Netherlands are an excellent place to start for a first trip because they give you enough time to see the city's highlights and get into the regional area. Here, though, is our comprehensive Netherlands itinerary including our Visit to Keukenhof to make sure you don't miss any of the city's top attractions. 

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Things to Know before you Go

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Visa (for Indian Passport holders): For holders of Indian passports travelling to Netherlands, a prior visa must be arranged. You can travel without a visa if you have a Schengen visa or are a resident of one of the EU/Schengen nations.

Currency: Dutch currency is Euros. 1 Euro~ 80 INR


Best way to travel : Most of the time, walking is your best bet, especially in the City Centre. Buses, Trams & metro  make up Amsterdam's public transportation system. It is also the best place to ride a bicycle


Accommodation : Hotels range from cheap to luxurious, and it will cost more to stay close to the City Centre & old city. If you need some room and will need to cook, Airbnb's are a possibility. 


Language : Dutch & English are widely spoken. There shouldn't be a problem when you are in the tourist places where you can find English Boards & Signs. People I interacted spoke good English


Food: A basic slice of bread or bread roll with butter, a slice of cheese or ham, and a glass of milk or Dutch coffee make up a classic Dutch breakfast or lunch (dark, high caffeine grounds, traditionally brewed). Meat, potatoes, and a side vegetable are the staples of a typical Dutch lunch. Your best value dining options in Amsterdam will be Asian restaurants and Middle Eastern shawarma.


Water:Tap water is safe to drink. We didn't have the necessity to buy bottled water.

Wifi & Mobile data: Most popular tourist destinations, hostels and restaurants offered free Wi-Fi. Therefore, there was no need for us to buy a sim.

Credit Cards and ATMs: It was easy paying by card and didn't feel the need to use Cash. Do keep some change if you are traveling by public transport.

Safety:  Amsterdam is a safe destination. Always be mindful of your surroundings & stick to your instincts. If you feel something is not right, don't do it. Keep your wallets & passports safe. Too much of tourist crowds will attract pickpockets and petty thieves.

Best time to Visit

Understanding Geography

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Amsterdam is currently one of many European towns dealing with excess tourism, which peaks during the summer months of June through August. When travelling during peak season, there will be a lot of tourists in the area, which will cause long queues at tourist attractions, higher hotel rates, and fewer availability for excursions and accommodation.

Instead, April and May are the finest months to travel to Amsterdam since they coincide with the height of the Keukenhof. The amount of tourists is considerably more tolerable at this time of year, and the weather is still fairly pleasant (although you should still wear a jacket).

One of the nations with the densest populations in the world is the Netherlands. You are never really far from civilisation, wherever you go. Even though the country has some stunning locations, travellers expecting to find picturesque villages, tulips, and windmills in the countryside would be in for a surprise. Villages, tulips, and windmills can all be found; you only need to know where to look (for instance, in the Waterland and Zaan Region). It would be beneficial to ask a Dutch person for recommendations on what to visit.

Water features dominate the Netherlands' topography. Rivers, canals, and dikes crisscross the nation, and the beach is never far away.

Netherlands map
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How to get to Amsterdam

Our Budget

Amsterdam Schiphol airport is where majority of the Airlines fly into. One of he busiest airport in Europe.

Emirates, Qatar, Etihad, Air France, British airways, Lufthansa are some of the major airlines that fly into Amsterdam from Chennai. Dubai/Qatar is the best option for connecting.

Chennai to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a medium to  expensive destination when you compare with the other hotspot tourist destination in Europe


We stayed in an Hostel (shared dorms), which costs us 30 Euros per night /person. Medium Hotels start @ 100 Euros/nights (8000 INR) and Budget rooms @ 70 Euros (5600 INR).

The restaurants range from cheap eats to fine dining. Expect to spend around 15 Euros (INR 1200) per person per meal

If you are going around the city, it is better to get into trams or buses, has god connectivity and inexpensive

Amsterdam Schiphol airport

We found that The Schiphol Airport itself is a tourist attraction. There are plenty of places to go around. It is the first time we saw an open Balcony. You can see flight landings and take off's at ta close range. Also it has a small flight stationed where you can go inside and have a look.

Where to Stay

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Even though staying near the city's Old Center may seem obvious, it can be intimidating due to its proximity to the Red Light District and much of the city's nightlife. As they are close to attractions and a little more laid back, neighbourhoods like the Museum Quarter and Grachtengordel-Zuid are ideal choices in this situation. Jordaan is a different neighbourhood to take into account when deciding where to stay in Amsterdam, especially if you want to experience more of the lively local atmosphere.


Amsterdam-Where to Stay

3 Days in Amsterdam !!What to Do?


You won't have any trouble spending a few days in Amsterdam touring. Trying to figure out how to see the finest of Amsterdam in a short amount of time is challenging. Unfortunately, the city's top attractions are not all conveniently crammed into one area. Travel from the city centre to areas like Jordaan, the Museum Quarter, and the Red Light District in order to truly maximise your time in Amsterdam.

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Day 1: Amsterdam City Tour

Damrak Avenue


Take a stroll down Damrak Avenue, which passes through the heart of Amsterdam, to start your trip. You can get to the Damrak Waterfront, which has a row of beautiful homes that nearly resemble gingerbread houses, by walking from Centraal Station. You may view more beautiful landscapes across the city, but this will definitely get you in the mood to go sightseeing.

Damrak Avenue
Damrak Avenue

Dam Square


After a short distance of following the Damrak, you will arrive at the spacious Dam Square. Dam Square, which serves as the city's central gathering place, is home to a number of noteworthy landmarks and is frequently used for events. The Royal Palace of Amsterdam, a massive palace of the Dutch Royal Family, is the city's most prominent monument.

The National Monument, which honours those who died in World War II, may be seen from the opposite side of the square facing the palace. The Nieuwe Kerk, a Gothic church built in the 15th century, is located across a narrow side street from the palace.

Amsterdam Canals & Boat cruise


You can choose how you wish to view Amsterdam's canals as well. Whether you're taking a boat tour or zipping around in a pedal boat, experiencing the city while you're actually on the canals has to be the most memorable.


Another choice is to hire a bicycle so you can make as many stops in attractive locations as you wish. Your legs may have gotten tired from walking all day, but there is still much to see at night. I do not, therefore, favour the option of walking along the lanes.

Amsterdam canals
Amsterdam Boat cruises

Red Light District


The Red Light District, usually referred to as De Wallen, is arguably the most well-known location in Amsterdam. You can find peep shows, sex shops, brothels, and museums with a similar purpose here. Even while it might not appeal to everyone, it's worth looking into to at least find out what the hype is about. If you go early in the day, it probably won't be too crowded. Go for a stroll, and then return around dusk to witness it in action if you want to.  

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Day 2:  Keukenhof & Tulip Gardnes

How to Reach Keukenhof?

The Netherlands' Keukenhof is situated in Lisse, about 30 minutes' drive from Amsterdam. The largest flower garden in the world, it spans 32 hectares, and each year, gardeners plant 7 million bulbs from 800 different tulip species. The planting process takes around three months, which is longer than the park's operating season, and Dutch bulb farmers provide free delivery of all the bulbs.

Best Time to Visit?

Depending on the weather, different years have different prime blooming periods. The end of April is the ideal time to visit Keukenhof as there is a greater likelihood of full bloom at this time.

How Long can we be inside Keukenhof?

The flower garden should be explored for at least 3 to 4 hours. Given how big Keukenhof is, one might easily spend an entire day admiring all the flowers' exquisite beauty.

Tickets & Prices?

In addition, we recommend getting the Combi Ticket, which includes both your skip-the-line admission to Keukenhof and transportation to and from Amsterdam. It is especially useful because the garden is frequently crowded and you risk wasting a lot of time waiting in line for tickets.

Combi Tickets - Approx 30 Euros per person (INR 2400)

and if you are self driving , tickets will cost Euros 19 per person (INR 1500)

Tips & Tricks(Based on our Experience)


Hire a Bike

Because the Keukenhof is so large, you could easily spend hours strolling through it and shooting hundreds of pictures. Do not walk inside the park all day. Visit your points of interest and return tot eh entrance. Hire a bicycle for couple of hours and go visit the actual Tulip fields (free to visit). Please be mindful not to damage the flowers.

Go prepared with enough packed lunch, snacks and Water

If you're looking for food or snacks, there are several benches to sit on inside the garden as well as cafes & food vendors. But we advise you to have something ready. At peak season, your food will be delayed by more than 45 minutes.

Get your jackets & expect a rainy day/shower

Weather is unpredictable. Hope it doesn't rain and to be sunny. If not be well prepared. Goin without suitable clothing will spoil your entire day.