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Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi's Ferrari World,  is renowned for being the biggest indoor amusement park in the world. We spent one full day in the Ferrari world, from the time the gates opened the park and we were the last to get out. We’ll leave it till the end to say if it is worth Visiting Ferrari World. We did a day trip from Dubai as we didn't have any plans to extend our stay in Abu Dhabi

So what Ferrari World is about?

The name Ferrari gives away what the topic is. Ferrari For the unfamiliar, Ferrari is an Italian manufacturer of luxury sports cars. It is renowned for its extraordinary sports that are quite stunning. You can take part in exciting activities and ride thrilling rides, living true to the reputation of Ferrari. The idea of Ferrari in there in every aspect of this park.

You won't find many of its rides and attractions anywhere else in the world. For those who want to experience life on an F1 track, the amusement park also offers Khalil's Car Wash and Tyre Change Experience in addition to Formula Rossa, the fastest roller coaster in the entire world. Let's now explore the activities and attractions available at Ferrari World.

How to get there?

Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi, is located on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. There are several ways to visit it:

Self-Drive : If you are renting a car or have your own, this is the easiest and straight forward option. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi offers plenty of free car parking spaces for guests.

Taxi: The easiest and simplest way to reach Ferrari World is by catching a cab. It will drop you directly at the gate of the Ferrari World. Costs 250 AED one way

Bus: Take a bus from Dubai to Abu dhabi. At Abu Dhabi central bus station, head for Al Wadha Terminal and hop on a bus to Yas Island Ferrari World.

Tickets & Booking

Tickets for Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi can be purchased on the website at


Children under the age of three are admitted free of charge. The cost of admission to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is 295 AED for everyone else. There are also family discounts and fast passes to skip the queues.

Dubai to Ferrari World

Things to know before you go

Maps & Directions

Download the map and get yourselves familiar with the rides, them park timings and activities of your interest. This will save you time. It is impossible to see all in one day. Plan ahead

Appropriate clothing & shoes

Most of the rides are indoor, make sure you wear clothing suitable for the rides. You will be walking a lot, so get your best pair of Sneakers. Please wear appropriate apparel whilst in the park out of consideration for other visitors and in compliance with local laws and customs. Please wear shorts that reach your knees and cover your shoulders.

Food & Dining Options

If you are not too concerned about the food, pack a sandwich/burger or lunch if you can. Plenty of food options though, but we wanted to cover as much as possible.

Rides under Maintenance

Some of the rides were under maintenance and renovation, so it is wise to check their social media page/website for park updates. So you can plan accordingly.

Shopping & Souveneirs

Everyone has the possibility to take a piece of Ferrari history home thanks to the presence of the largest Ferrari retail space in the world and an incredible assortment of branded goods and memorabilia, which ranges from entertaining miniature cars to a variety of stylish Italian clothing and accessories.

The rides which we loved the most & quick tips

Formula Rossa


This one is our absolute favourite. Riders are required to put on special goggles before entering to protect their eyes from the piercing air and sand. According to what I understand, the roller coaster starts with a hydraulic launch that travels at the same speed as a plane as it lifts off the ground and flies into the sky. Your entire body experiences an adrenaline surge as a result of the rapid acceleration from 0 to 240 km/h in less than 5 seconds. The rush is truly unforgettable, especially when the wind blows in your face and body like you're flying through the air without any safety handles to wrap around you.

Flying Aces rollercoaster

While riding the stomach-churning Flying Aces rollercoaster, which has the tallest inverted loop in the world at 63 metres above the ground, you can shatter yet another record. When the ride reaches the top, it plunges into a hole and reaches its top speed of 120 km/h. The coaster is fashioned after a well-known bi-pilot aircraft and is based on the great Italian World War I aviator, Count Baracca.

Fiorano GT Challenge

Every time the two parallel tracks of the Fiorano GT challenge cross paths, giving you the impression that the two roller coasters are about to collide, your heart is enriched with an unparalleled rush. You might close your eyes in panic for a split second and then open them in relief.

Photos with your Ferrari cars

We took so many photos with all the Ferrari cars parked in the Gallery. If you are into cars, then this is a must see place for you.

Kids rides in Ferrari World

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi boasts a tonne of attractions that guarantee the kids will have a blast as well. The most famous rides in the park have miniature counterparts in the Family Zone. Children may experience the thrill of riding their own miniature replica of the fastest rollercoaster in the world. The Formula Rossa Junior race car travels at a top speed of 45 km/h and uses the same track as the famous Formula Rossa. Junior Grand Prix, Speedway Race, Flying Wings, Tyre Twist, and many more are additional family-friendly attractions.

Conclusion & Our Recommendation

We had an excellent time in Ferrari world. We will have to take Ryan at one point of time. If you ask us if visiting Ferrari world is worthy? We will say Yes. But not when you are in Dubai for only 3 days.

Also we have not see the latest inclusions and changes, we wish to go there again sometime in the near future

Overall it was a good entertainment for us

Our Recommendation: Optional

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