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Image by Mathis Jrdl
Disneyland Paris

We spent one full day in Disneyland Paris, from the time the gates opened the park and we were the last to get out. We’ll leave it till the end to say if it is worth Visiting Disneyland. We haven’t been to any of the other Disney parks, so no place for any comparisons in our blog.  


So what Disney land is about?

It is basically a theme park which has entertainment & fun rides where an adult & kid can enjoy. The rides are designed based on Disney’s movie characters which makes it special.

There are two major parks inside the complex: Disneyland park & the Walt Disney studios park. 

Walt Disney studios is a mini version of the Hollywood sets where you can see behind the scene action & how movies are made. You also have thrill rides more suited to an adult. In addition to the rides, you have mesmerizing shows, All-star parades, Disney characters going around, shopping/Dining area. They also have resorts for overnight stay


Walt Disney Studios


Disneyland Park

How to get there?

The quickest option is Train. 

RER A (train line) drops you right in front of the gate of Disney coming in from Paris city centre. Marne-la-Vallée—Chessy train station is the exact name of the stop. As it is outside of Zone 1 & 2, the usual metro tickets are not valid. Tickets will cost 7.6 Euros one way/person. Travel time will be around 45 mins each way. Trains were not busy early in the day and it is double-decker which means more space.

By road, it will take close to 1 hour and again it depends on the traffic & what time you leave the city

Tickets & Booking

Book it online and you don’t have to worry about long queues. We got the combo tickets for Walt Disney studios & Disneyland for a day. Tickets are also available in different combinations, one day flexible tickets, multiday pass, annual pass. Decide which one suits you better. 

Current prices for a day pass, both parks (as of march 1st 2021) is 88 USD. Prices usually vary and will higher during a weekend

Click here for Tickets info

Paris city to Disneyland.jpg

Things to know before you go

Maps & Directions

Download the map and get yourselves familiar with the rides, parade timings and activities of your interest. This will save you time. It is impossible to see all in one day. Plan ahead

Weather Forecast & Appropriate clothing

Check for the weather forecast, be prepared for a warm/Cold weather. There will be occasional showers. Water bottle, coolers, cap/hat you may need them at all times. 

Food &Dining Options

Honestly we didn’t like the food inside . If possible, pack a sandwich/burger or lunch if you can. Not only its expensive inside, you also need to wait in long queue’s till the food is delivered. 



Photopass is one option where you can get your photos clicked ins 6 or 8 rides and some with Disney characters. It will cost you 40 Euros. We didn’t go for this option but if that suits you go for it.

We didn’t have good photo memories while going in the dark rides and with tired faces, our photos were not that impressive. Because of the previous experience we opted out of it. Also there will be a mile-long queue if you want to take a selfie with your favorite cartoon character.

Simple strategy to get good photos is to ask someone if they need a pic. Click it for them and get one from them in return.


Rides under Maintenance

Some of the rides were under maintenance and renovation, so it is wise to check their social media page/website for park updates. So you can plan accordingly.

Shopping & Souveneirs

We were not into shopping, so didn’t have a detailed look inside the shops, but the souvenirs were all expensive. We just bought one fridge magnet, costed 16 Euros

Disneyland park

The rides which we loved the most & quick tips

This one is our absolute favourite. It is a simple boat ride which has got multiple colourful representation of countries across the world. It was so attractive. It has 300 traditionally dressed dolls showcasing multiple cultures sing a simple song in their native language about universal harmony and dance.

Click here for more photos


Phantom Manor

This is an indoor ride with medium level thrill. It was an interesting one because you will be in the dark when the twists, turns ups and downs happen making it a surprise element. We had a whole floor moving up, tilting and turning. It was a different experience., something unique. 

phatom manor

The Main Castle

No one wants to miss this one.  Most photographed point in Disneyland. In the evening you have the lights on and changes colour slowly.

Image by Lyle Hastie

Photos with your Stars/Characters:

It was so much fun to take pictures with your stars & characters. It was something we wanted to. You can always skip it if you don’t want to. It will be a mile long queue to get one photograph. Don't mis the All stars parade

Screenshot 2021-03-05 163217.jpg

Thrill rides in Walt Disney Studios

Walt Disney studio suits the adults more than the kids. The themes are all based on Action movie characters and so are the rides. There is an age limit and minimum height requirements in specific rides 


What we could have did to make things better

Certainly more planning

We didn’t notice rides which were closed and we walked all the way up and down wasting Time & Energy. No complaints in visiting Walt Disney studios, but choose your rides specifically. Some of the shows take place at specific time intervals. In addition, you also need to wait in a long line


Extra Snacks & Drinks 

Cutting down some more time waiting in the queues to get snacks. We could have bought it in the supermarket and carried.


Flexi Tickets

Unfortunately, it was not a warm day, so not much we could with the heavy jackets. With no flexible tickets, we had to go on a specific day. Flexi tickets will cost you more than the fixed day ticket

Conclusion & Our Recommendation

We had an excellent time in both the parks. We will have to take Ryan at one point of time. If you ask us if visiting Disney land is worthy? We will say Yes. But not when you are in Paris for 3 days.

Alternatively, you can spend 4 to 5 hours in Disneyland. Try 3 to 4 specific rides, take pics with your fav Disney characters, witness the night fireworks or the day time parade. You can leave our Walt Disney studios if you want.

Overall it was a good entertainment for us

Our Recommendation: Optional

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