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Couple Photoshoot

Queesntown –Snowy Mountains- Wedding anniversary- Photoshoot??? Sounds good?

Why we wanted to do a couple photoshoot?

Our wedding was in 2015. We were so busy with all the formalities, greeting guests & spending time with friends, we never got a chance to take some memorable couple photos on our D day. So we had this thought lingering inside us, why don’t we do a proper professional photoshoot.

Things to Know before you Go


Why Queenstown?

Simple, we did plan this trip only for our anniversary and Queenstown is known for its snowy mountains. It was like a dream sequence! A photoshoot with a snowy backdrop. When searching online, we found that there were so many couples who did their pre-wedding shoots there. It was so inspiring, that’s how we decided

Inspiration behind our costumes?

For Deeps, she got a dress similar to what Jo wears in ‘Mootu ondru malarndhida marukkum song”

For Manny, Multipurpose suit, which can be used for future interviews, weddings, parties, all-in-all? Why boys think that way?

How did we book our Photographer?

Fallon Patrick was our Photographer and he did an amazing job.  All you have to do is search for Queenstown wedding photographers, there are many professional available who are all extraordinary in so many ways. We were so impressed with Patrick’s snow photos with couples. Then we sent him an email introducing us. He was so good in answering them and guided us to the perfection. He had all plans set for us, A, B and C. It was winter and weather was always unpredictable. We needed snow and no rain. If there is no snowfall, then everything collapses.

Cost & Booking?

We felt prices were so reasonable from Patrick. He drove us to the location, carried all the gears and climbed with us to the most desirable points with all safety checks. We paid him an advance and locked the dates. He also gave us couple more days in case we had to cancel the shoot because of bad weather. He was so flexible.

What happened on the day of shoot?

We had couple of things fixed, one is our hair stylist. She was available only by noon. So we had to plan a sun set shoot.  Queenstown is covered by mountains on all sides, which means during sunset we can choose only one peak on which the sun light falls. So Patrick fixed “The Remarkables” as our location. Luckily we had snow shower the previous night. So everything went as per our plans.


Fallon drove us to the top most point of the mountain where we got full natural light. We went a little further away from the road, so that we were surrounded by snow. Then it’s all Patrick’s show. He knew the angles, lighting and spots. After an hour or so, the sunlight went down and we wrapped our shoot


What we could have did to make things better

Patrick does Heli couple photoshoots as well. Meaning you’ll rent a helicopter for an hour. They’ll fly you top of a mountain peak and do the shoot. We did spend money for the heli tour tickets. We could have organized it together as a package and got a better value for money. Otherwise no regrets.

Patrick sent us the all versions of the photos a week after. He did an amazing job and we are happy to refer him to anyone who wishes to do a photoshoot in Queenstown

Conclusion & Our Recommendation

Queenstown is a dreamy destination and has to be the location for photoshoots. We were there for 8 days and the trip revolved around the photoshoot.

Our Recommendation:

Pre-plan if you have an idea of doing it

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