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Bungy Jumping

2018 June 7th. It was our third wedding anniversary and Deeps came up with the idea of doing something different that the dinner, wine & gift option. So we decided to go overseas. Where else, the nearest one from Melbourne…Queesntown, New Zealand. Again movies inspire us so much we desperately want to visit those place which we saw on screen. Bungy is one such experience.


Place: Kawarau Bridge, Queesntown, New Zealand


Things to Know before you Go

Cost: 205 NZD/person (Approx 10500 INR), video & photo are optional but we say buy it as a package. It is worth the money. Even if we have another person filming it for us, it will not be that accurate.


Dressing: If its winter, keep yourself warm with layers of clothes. We had thermals inside and a fleece outside. We didn’t wear jackets, just to look good on camera. If in summer, you can jump naked if you want. Actually people have jumped naked, watch those videos in YouTube, so funny

You need to be between 35-135 kg and if jumping tandem (like us), weight difference should not exceed 30 kg


Wear fitting shoes which has got laces & good thick socks. Cut shoes/Boat shoes are not allowed.


You can pay for the video/photo after the jump. In case if you are not satisfied, you can just leave them. Its optional. You also get a bungy jump t.shirt as a souvenir (free) and also a flash drive with all photos & videos inside.


Need to have a good mindset & courage to jump. We did watch other bungy videos, the funny ones and other blogs to keep ourselves motivated. Key points is that, you don’t get your money back if you don’t have the courage to jump, stepping on the bridge

Why we wanted to do


Our first inspiration is from Vijay’s Kushi movie where he did the actual bungy. That how we came to know what bungy is, but that was 15 years back. The recent one is our favorite celebrity couple Ganesh-Nisha’s tandem jump in Kawarau. Tandem jump had a mix of Romance & adventure. Also it happened to be our wedding anniversary, so thought of doing something different from the usual.

Why we chose Kawarau over Nevis & Canyon?

Nevis bungy is an ultimate thrill, its length is 132m three times that of Kawarau. Almost similar pricing, but Kawarau is the only place where you can do tandem. With the river flowing beneath, we felt Kawarau is better for photography.  Honestly we didn’t know much about canyon bungy, but its one of the free style jump, you can do whatever you want. May be we’ll try that next time

How to get there?

You can drive or take the bungy bus (free) from Queenstown city Centre. Our preference is to drive, you can spend so much time on site looking how the others jump, viewing is free


Highlights of the Jump

Once you reach the bungy site, you sign up, do your paperwork & declarations. Then get to the bridge where the safety instructors check you again. Basically weight, declarations & your slot.


They will strap you for with harness around your legs and an extra harness on your body. Cameras are fixed at different angle so that thy capture your jump beautifully.

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Now is the time, when the instructor says 3,2,1 Bungy….you jump screaming out loud. With a short free fall, you regain your conscious shortly. Don’t forget to keep your hands wide open, that’s the pose for Instagram and ages to comes


Then it’s all enjoying the water hanging upside down. How often you get this kind of a view


A raft will be ready to pick you up. Then climb up to see your videos & photos


What we could have did to make things better

We booked the first jump of the day, to be in the safe side, the length of the rope was shortened. It was a trial kind of a thing. We actually wanted to a hand dip in the water which was not possible. You can also do a head dip


We didn’t have a go-pro. The only allowed camera when you jump is the go-pro type of camera fixed to our wrist. No selfie-sticks or any other loose objects are allowed.


One last thing, we wanted to have a kissing pose before the jump or hanging upside down after the jump, but with all the fear inside, we missed it.


Yes, we understand, indha rana kalathulayum oru kilukiluppa nu, what to do, once you finish the jump and watch the videos, you’ll find that you could have did something better or missed what you want.

Conclusion & Our Recommendation

If you ask, whether we’ll do it again, We cannot say ! its 50-50. But it’s an extreme adventure, we were so happy that we did. Looking at the videos & photos, we cherish them even today.

Our Recommendation: Bucketlist

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