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Bridestowe Lavender farm, Tasmania

Unless you are on an extensive trip to Australia, tourist often tend to skip Tasmania. If you are wondering where is Tasmania, it is the small island on the right bottom corner of Australia. We have so many beautiful stories about Tasmania, but the only reason for our visit is Bridestowe lavender estate.

Why Bridestowe Lavender estate?

Our Inspiration is from the movie “Boys”. Way back in 2003, this location was a dream destination for many of the 90’s kids. We were just looking to go to Sydney during the December holidays and then suddenly Launceston popped out of nowhere. The we cancelled our Sydney trip and stuck to Launceston only. It happened to be our Baby moon!! 

How to get there?

If you are only there for Bridestowe, you can book farm tour which is organized by the estate itself. It will cost Approx. 150 AUD, includes pickup, drop, lunch, entry to lavender estate and guided tour from Launceston.

Obviously, we rented a car. From Launceston, it took an hour to reach Bridestowe. It’s all single lane road, but no traffic at all. Vineyards were plenty on the way

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Things to Know before you Go

Peak Season & Group Tourists:

Flowering season is what everyone is interested. December & January are the peak months. But you don’t want to go when they are harvesting as well. We went during Christmas holidays and it was perfect. Do check out their website/social media for updates 

We didn’t see many tourists during the day. Also one thing you have to keep in mind is that December in Australia is summer. So earlier the better, do check weather updates. You might have planned for a photoshoot and suddenly there is a down pour 

Entry Tickets:

Its 10$ entry, but if you are Tasmanian resident, entry is free.

I read in a blog somewhere that if you are subscribing to their newsletter, entry is free. But we didn’t know at the time of our visit. We didn’t verify this info as well.

Food: We found cafe's & Wine tasting places driving from Launceston to the lavender farm. There is a restaurant inside bridestowe based on lavender recipes', which was quite interesting. prices were normal

Fuel: It takes one hour to reach Bridestowe, better to fill up in Launceston.

Water: Tap water is Clean & safe. Do carry reusable bottles and refill it in the Lavender farms cafe.

Wifi & Mobile data: If you stop at any restaurants on the way, yes, there will be Wi-Fi. You will have no reception at certain points in the regional area. If you are here in Australia for more than 4 days, do get a Sim. It will be of so much value 


You would have certainly read this somewhere before coming to Australia "It is home to some of the worlds dangerous Animals". Travelling into regional areas & national parks, do watch for the warning signs and be mindful of your surroundings. If you are near the seashore, check for the currents, signs of jellyfish & sharks.  Due to lavender flowers, you can see buzzing bees throughout the farm. 

Highlights of the estate

First thing to do is to explore the farm. It’s so big and with less people, you feel you have all the farm for you to take photos. Set your camera & angles and shoot as much as you want.

Its summer, so best is to go early and escape the sun. If it’s a mild day, enjoy being out on the field. There is a café and delicacies made out of lavender. We did try some of their pastries.

Bridestowe lavender Estate, tasmania

One other thing which we loved is the lavender ice cream.  

We did some shopping for our friends, couple of lavender soaps, oil and toys as souvenirs. It’s not expensive.

Lavender ice cream.jpg

Conclusion & Our Recommendation

Tasmania is a beautiful island and you can easily spend 3 days going around. The weather is good during the Summer, gets extra cold than mainland Australia during winter. Hiking & Visiting the waterfalls remains the popular activities in Tasmania.

As we told you before, lavender farm is our personal favorite and we didn't want to miss it. If you have time and travelling during the flowering season, go for it

Our Recommendation: Optional

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