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Meet Manny Deeps & Ryan

We’re Manny (Manoj Kumar Mahendran) and Deeps (Deepthi Thilagar), a couple from Tamil Nadu, India now living in Melbourne, Australia


We’re perpetual travellers. We still go to work every day, like most people. We choose not to sacrifice travel for work, and vice versa. We love our professional life as much as we love travel. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have travelled to over 20 countries together in the past 5 years, fulfilling many of our life goals and dreams along the way.

In 2019, we welcomed our son, Ryan, to the world. The joy he brings to our lives is hard to put into words. He amazes us every day and remind us what is truly important & how blessed we are– love, health and happiness.


We have evolved from being a tourist to travelers and Ryan being our newest member, we now travel as a family of three. We’ve worked out the travel schedule based on his clock. Even for a day trip, we’ve been carrying oversized luggage’s, of course we load our boot with all possible baby requirements, just in case.  Late nights at the pub have been traded for early mornings at the coffee shop.

Despite all the changes, we believe it is possible to build a career, take care of your family AND travel the globe. We’re happy that you found us and hope you find our travel stories, photos and tips useful.

If you have a question, contact us through this website (you can email us here) or you can find us on Facebook,  Instagram and Pinterest.

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Our Personal Stories

Wondering who’s that smart guy with the coolers, that me!!

Hi I’m Manny, started my career as a Project engineer working for an oil company in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. Inspired by my boss and fellow mates, I took up travel as a leisure time activity. Slowly I became a perpetual Traveller. I love backpacking, going on long road trips, hiking, and partying. I’m good at planning trips and working out the budget. I have to admit that I’m a poor photographer.

Hi I’m Ryan. The one who dictates things now!


I started travel when I was 7 months old. My first flight was a Singapore airline Airbus A380-800 the jumbo double decker. My parents were able to have a feel of Business class, thanks to me! I’m pretty much an outdoor baby. My favourite hangout place is the baby carrier, happy to go anywhere

Hi I'm Deeps, Speed 1 Terahertz, Memory 1 Zigabyte

An IT girl by profession and I’ve moved to Data Analytics & Business Intelligence. Having been an introvert during my school & college days, getting into the corporate world helped me open up. Travel has never been a part of my life until I met Manny.


When it comes to trips, I’m the one behind the camera, trip ideas and costumes. I have got so much on my bucket list and ticking it off slowly.


Extended Stories

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