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Travel itself requires lot of motivation & inspiration. Cross-the-countries shows our travel journey, how we got inspired and how we wish our stories will inspire young couples & the ones with babies to travel.

We are not the award winning bloggers, thrill seeking family, Insta influencers, Just the common folks living next door. 

Wondering where to begin & how to begin your travel life???


Manny ,Deeps & Ryan

We’re Manny (Manoj Kumar Mahendran) and Deeps (Deepthi Thilagar), couple from Tamil Nadu, India who now live in Melbourne, Australia. We've been to over 30 countries (20 together) across Asia, Europe & Oceania. 


We’re perpetual travellers. However, we still go to 9-5 work every day, like most people. We choose not to sacrifice travel for work, and vice versa. We love our professional life as much as we love travel.

Ryan is the latest to join our travel Party and now our world revolves around this little bundle of joy

Featured from the Blog

taraw cliff.jpg

July 23rd, 2023

1 Week itinerary in Philippines

I adore the Philippines, but why? It's lovely, inexpensive, simple to navigate & the locals are friendly

Jumeirach beach.jpg

June 28th,  2023

Dubai & Abu Dhabi - Things to do

Discover the alluring blend of modernity and tradition in the United Arab Emirates


June 21st, 2023

Angkor wat - Travel Guide

Unveiling the fascinating history and awe-inspiring architecture of Angkor Wat, a true gem of Southeast Asia

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